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  2. Cabaolerl, soy seguidor suyo desde hace un tiempo, le vi en directo en Amazings 2012 y le profeso todo el respeto que merece y me parece que su respuesta es para llamarle así: caballero. Tanto que hasta he escrito este post de usted, ya que no le conozco y lo hago, se lo aseguro, con total respeto y sin burla alguna. Parece increible que haya que realizar posts así, pero se agradecen. Si hasta ahora le seguía a usted por la temática del blog, ahora además por sus principios del respeto. Chapeau.

  3. Hej jeg er startet pÃ¥ kuren for et par dage siden, og hÃ¥ber virkelig pÃ¥ god resultater. Rigtig god blog du har:). Linser og bønner ka godt give gas i maven og ma. Har tendens til at prutte lidt for meget, hehe. Men jeg synes nu godt min mave laver al for mange lyde konstant. Er det normalt for de fleste el er jeg den eneste:(? ….Hilsen Amna

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  5. ஜெயமோகன் எழுதியுள்ள நாராயணகுரு குலமும் வசவு இணையதளமும் என்கின்ற கட்டுரையை படித்துப் பார்த்தேன். அதில் நாராயணகுரு குருகுலத்தின் வரலாறாக அதன் மக்கள் நல செயல்களை பட்டியலிட்டு கூறியிருந்தார் இதைப் பற்றி தங்களுடைய கருத்தை தெரிந்து கொள்வது உதவியாக இருக்கும் என நினக்கிறேன்

  6. What an amazing glimpse into your life. I love who you capture the beauty of every second and the raw truth behind every passing moment. I never liked my picture taken either. 80% of our family pics consist of my husband holding the two boys even though I´m the one who spends about 80% of the time with them. I really should make an effort to be in more pictures and document my boys´lives with me in them.

  7. 老麥先生:「第n次」是修辭而已,正如第一次世界大戰主要還是歐洲戰爭,不過我心目中確實有接近「第一次博客大戰」的論戰,就是「天譴論」那次。雖然始作俑者(李怡)並非博客,但是博客圈中有很大廻響,部份博客亦互有攻防(而那次又碰巧牽涉黃世澤君)。

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  9. 上のぷーぷーさんのおっしゃるように「上の子が赤ちゃん返りしちゃって、しばらくはべったり甘えさせてあげたいから」と言うのはいいと思います。もしくはたまにはいいかな?と思われるのであれば、「だんだん大きくなってきて、おむつやおやつの用意もあるので必ず事前に教えてほしい」と頼んではいかがでしょうか?もし連絡なく連れていらっしゃったら、「そんなつもりしてなかったからおむつが足りないので今から買ってきて?」とか「お茶を切らしてるからベビー用の飲物を買ってきて?」とか、多少のペナルティを与えて単に一人増えるだけではないんだと自覚してもらった方がいいと思います。預ってあげてもお金の要求なんてできないでしょうし、断り切れずに預ったとしても「今回だけだよ」と預ってもらっている事をしっかり自覚してもらった方がいいと思います。私も小学生の娘を独身の妹のアパートのところに泊りに行かせますが、物品は渡せないので食事代・イベント代・交通費相当とお休みをつぶしてもらったお礼として、多めのお金を経費として持たせています。少ないけどもし余ったらお小遣いにしてね、と言っています。家族とはいえ、妹は目下なので甘えていいといっても限度があると思います。

  10. Hola mabel te doy las gracias por todas las maravillas que me has mandado, de verdad te agradezco  que siempre estes pendiente de todas nosotras. Que pases unas felices navidades y que Dios te bendiga. Mucha prosperidad.

  11. Se te ha olvidado añadir como principios politicos "el todo vale para conseguir los objetivos" y mentir, mentir y mentir".Salud, República y Socialismo

  12. am not a specialist, but I can tell you that breathing extremely cold air very fast is not probably the best thing to do, and I personally avoid it. I imagine you can get some kind of internal frostbite and then probably pneumonia. But it would be cool to hear someone with medical knowledge.

  13. Homofobia: Miedo a los homosexuales.Yo lo les tengo miedo. No salgo corriendo ni se me sube la presion ni me espanto. No sufro de ansiedad ni sudo frio. No señorita susi. No tengo fobia a los homosexuales. Tu concepto de homofobia no coincide con la definición de una fobia.Que ellos hagan de su vida lo que quieran. Pero no apruebo su estilo de vida. Lo respeto, pero no lo apruebo.Lo que si detesto es que me restreguen en la cara que ser homosexual es normal. No, no es normal. El pene va en la vagina para la reproducción. Asi-de-simple y no lo puedes refutar. Eso es lo normal. Saca tus conclusiones.Y no, no es una fobia lo que siento.

  14. So happy to know you are taking some time to “breathe” and see the rainbows. Life can certainly be draining, but God is always there for us. I appreciate your post and gentle reminders…Beautiful rainbow~ beautiful message~ beautiful blog. Sending some love and hugs your way… valerie

  15. ouais, dans skyfall, la vodka-martini est encore plus visible que le bollinger, tellement ce dernier n’est pas visible. Troqué contre l’heineken, et surtout contre le macallan 50 ans d’age. Il y a quelques années, c’est du bollinger qu’il y aurait eu sur cette scene !! Tout se perd…

  16. fFörlÃ¥t en yngling; men nu skall jag bli en bättre människa! Seija-Liisa, min fru, har lovat ”ta mig i örat.” Hon har siisu-kanske det är kvinnan som skall göra´t? Hav tröst, sÃ¥ledes, men jag törs inte lova för mycket för dÃ¥ kan jag mista hela stycket? Den som lver fÃ¥r la se! -Mors o ha de´!

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  19. was a huge song without a video on airplay alone? Beyonce jsut keeps proving she can do it all. And how is she falling off? Seeing as we’re all playing the comparison game, she did in one month what Rihanna took almost a year to do.

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  23. Shame on the city council. Since when did 4 doctors control what happens in GF. GF needs to have this. It would give families in the community something to do together and it would give the visitors to GF something fun to do. My family drives to Fargo just to go to ThunderRoad. I am so disappointed in our council, I guess that is what happens when the city is run by a “good ol boys” club!

  24. Brother Robin,I didn’t mean to add to your statements…Baptizing is the norm to identify with Christ and the giving of the Holy Spirit.Baptism is a church ordinance,…how can it be anything else? Only Christ’s church baptizes by His command. As we see in Acts, some were only familiar with the baptism of John the Baptist and then were baptized into Christ alone when taught properly.Blessings,Chris

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  29. I'd definitely put Medusa (or, ahem, Bizarro) ahead of Griffon and even Fahrenheit – Bizarro's ride is better than both; longer than Griffon and Fahrenheit, and MUCH smoother than Fahrenheit.

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  32. marti tonic / Hola Rosa: Creo que la actitud de muchos españoles va a cambiar. Y lo hará por que los hechos empezaran a asustar al mas templado. Durante la celebración del mundial, he notado una determinación en sentirnos orgullosos de ser españoles que espero que no sea flor de un día.Rosa, has estado muy bien en el debate. Sinceramente creo que has dejado en evidencia a ZP con sus respuestas, llenas de prepotencia (“solo tiene Vd un escaño”). A Rajoy se le tenía que caer la cara de vergüenza de dejarte sola en esta batalla. Pero es lo que hay.

  33. Hi Kate! Thanks for following! We had a tough time this winter too! If you guys get more snow, an idea that our preschool teacher thought of was great. She pulled out a kitchen tray, piled a ton of snow on it, and let the kids play on it at their desk. It prevented her from having to bundle them up, but gave them a chance to play in the snow, too.

  34. I agree with FeeLtheHertZ, this was a really great review, great shots of the vac? in action and the suction, noise and air metering tools was a great addition to the review i had not seen before in any other reviews! i just ordered a recon DC23 from Woot for $199 and cant wait to check it out when it gets here! we have a DC25 Animal upstairs and love it so cant wait to use this one in the basement and on back stairs.

  35. je viens de memphis, et c’est bien de voir la ville représentée, même si c’est quelque chose de très vieux et stéréotypée comme ça…mais je me demande…est-ce que le Monde fait promotion pour la France de la même manière qu’ils le font pour le monde anglophone? ou est-ce qu’ils se méprisent comme tous les autres socialistes/communistes etc.

  36. I ADORE the old photos. A while ago, my dad turned all of my grandma’s old slides (ha, ha, ha) into DVDs. Something about watching my grandma as a young mother, on vacation with her kids, wearing gorgeous fifties clothing, made me realize how life just flies by…I can’t wait to hear about your vacation, but I love that you paused for a moment to share these with us.angela recently posted..

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  46. TRDouble – absolutely wrong! Democrats propose and pass these ridiculous laws to satisfy one of their biggest bankrollers: trial lawyers. NYC Mayor Bloomberg also does this stuff with cigs, salt, and soon, BBQ ribs, but he was always a RINO (Republican in Name Only). The nanny state is all on the liberal Democrats.

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  50. We’re not sure if anything had to do with intentionally running up the score, but Team USA did, plain and simple. Now, we don’t have a problem with it just because most people are always comparing the team to the 1992 Dream Team. We feel it was a good showing on Team USA’s part to show people exactly how good they can be. Yet, even with the all-time record, we will stay with the 1992 Dream Team to be the far more superior team.

  51. To build on what some others have said – what’s the problem with having casual relationships (that’s sounds X rated as hell) on Facebook? You express guilt that you might have these kinds of relationships, but you haven’t defined or sussed out why it’s wrong.Another approach would be to just take Facebook for what it is, and be glad for the way in which it diversifies the possible social interactions and the broadens the kinds of ‘friendships’ that are available to you.If I was gonna FB hate, it would be privacy + addictiveness that I would hate on. It’s like the stickiest site in the universe and my interaction with it is like 90% unhealthy.

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  54. it is more gingery than he remembers but he likes that. He is just making the apple compote now to go with it. I can’t wait till later when we can eat it!!! Ihave to photograph it now before it all disappears! He just said that the apple sauce is a fab vegan alternative to custard because of the vanilla!

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  57. Ik zei inderdaad 18 jaar, maar het moet 28 jaar zijn. In 1981 was namelijk de laatste keer dat we een Witte Kerst hadden met op beide kerstdagen een sneeuwdek. Net als de honden van Astrid vlogen ook onze honden elke dag door de sneeuw. Wat een plezier hebben ze toch. Net als ik overigens. Jippie!!!

  58. bigbird,thanks for the commentary.it's nice to know that all my readers are not golf course weenies.I've never understood golf- these idiots stand out in thunder storms with lightening rods on their shoulders and in their hands.We both are smarter than that.Also no enemy soldier was ever killed with/by a golf ball- so what good is it? No offense to current or future readers. jim

  59. I love #1. Totally agree. I keep encouraging writers who want to “monetize” to stop wasting their time with ads (nothing against that approach, of course) and start being helpful. People are willing to pay a premium for high-quality online education to solve their problems. Who knows if that will be true in five or ten years? There’s an opportunity here that we need to recognize.

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  61. Hi Diesel,Sorry about the late reply, somehow this one slipped through the cracks. How close are you to Blauvelt, NY? Deman Motorsports is out there and is a pretty good shop. Karl

  62. What an amazing piece of work using one of the most treasured Christmas tunes ever composed as your ‘canvas’. Thanks for sharing it w/ all of us out here that love hearing the banjo.

  63. I agree, it felt like nothing new was achieved. While I basically found the idea good to have an episode narrated by someone else, my biggest problem here is that Robin annoys me and that I’d rather see Barney with Nora than with her.Similarly to last week, the jokes didn’t really crack me up. There were some smiles, yes, but this show used to bring some comedy where I just had to watch a scene over and over again and would still laugh.

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  68. esther en wytze kats zegt:Hey familie, prachtige foto’s, super leuk om te zien. En de kapotte knie en het scheve voetje en de rest gaan we vanuit dat alles weer goed komt. Wat gaat het snel met de jeugd zeg. Ze groeien zo hard. Prachtig gezin. tuut Wytze, Esther en Samantha Kats

  69. I have caught just about everything on camera of all my daughters firsts and all her precious moments..but there was a one very special moment that i didnt catch and that was her first day of school..

  70. Oh moi aussi je me souviens de l’épisode, mais en France ça s’appelait « Les années collège » ! Il me semble que c’est lorsque Spike se retrouve enceinte qu’on lui confie un oeuf comme entrainement.Je suis vieille alors… mais j’ai une bonne mémoire !

  71. Le 21/09/2008 à 17h45 Dieu que c'était moche ! J'en avais une verte sapin avec des pompoms blancs fait dans la même fourrure que celle du chapeau ... Affreux ! Maintenant, même en modernisant le concept, je trouve toujours ça "pas beau du tout". Ca fait le genre "j'ai froid aux oreilles, je mets mon écharpe sur la tête parce que j'ai rien d'autre". Pas terrible, m'enfin ça reste mon avis ! 🙂

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